Dr. Fotini Bageorgou

Aesthetic Dermatologist, Greece

Dr. Bageorgou has graduated from the Medical School of the University of Ioannina, in Greece. She has specialised in dermatology at Andrea Sygros Hospital in Athens. She received a fellowship on skin cancer at Colorado University (Anschutz University Hospital-Cancer Pavillion). She has also been trained in facial anatomy and dermatosurgery at Medical school of the University of Paris Descartes, as well as in cosmetic medicine and laser applications.

She has been subspecialised in classic and cosmetic dermatology-dermatosurgery. She runs a fully equipped clinic in central Athens, where she performs vaginal rejuvenation techniques, fractional laser,  fillers, peeling, liquid lift, skin tightening, dermatoscopy of moles, facial treatments, laser hair removals etc. She has attended lots of congresses and courses. She is currently preparing her thesis for her PhD, at the University Hospital of Sygros in Athens.